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To help kids who suffer grief and loss.

To help dads build strong bonds with their kids.

A truly rich man is one whose children
run into his arms when his hands are empty.

He was twenty-five years old, a loving father to a five year old boy who he adored, and a baby on the way. He was a wonderful father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, companion, friend.

He was Scott Riley.

Scott’s son Andrew remembers him. He knows how much his daddy loved him. But, his daughter Chloé, born after his death in September 2009, never had the chance to meet her dad. Now, she's six years old and she knows how much her father loved her before she was even born.

Both Andrew and Chloé have been legally adopted and remain in our family and are thriving today. Scott's brother, sister-in-law and niece have welcomed Andrew into their family, while Chloé remains with her mom, who has married a man who has adopted her.

We honor Scott’s memory by opening our hearts to help kids who suffer grief and loss.

We are Scott’s family. We are Kind Hearts.

Photo of Scott with son Andrew at his parents' (Helen and Bruce Riley) 25th anniversary party, October 2007

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Grieving children need love and understanding...

a support system to guide them on their healing journey.

On May 2, 2009, Andrew and Chloé’s dad, Scott Riley, was tragically killed as a result of gun violence. Sadly, there are many children just like them.

When a parent dies or separates from the family unit, kids need help to process and cope with their grief. It goes without saying that it is a distressing event for a child when either parent dies or moves out of their home, and one that will have a major impact on them. Kind Hearts has chosen its mission to help Kids In Need of Dads because Andrew and Chloé’s tragic loss of their father has affected our own family very deeply. We see first-hand that they will need extra support throughout their childhood. Now, we want to offer support to kids just like them and for the fathers who care for them.

We have found staggering statistics surrounding children who are raised in fatherless homes. These kids are at a higher risk to abuse drugs and become criminals and have a higher rate of developing mental illness and committing suicide. It is clear that dads represent much more than income for their families. They provide a vital dose of protection, guidance, friendship, and someone a child can look up to.


Kind Hearts’ mission is twofold:
To facilitate programs that provide help for kids grieving the loss of a father.
To help fathers maintain healthy connections with their kids.

By hosting events and fundraisers and helping to spread the word about the wonderful programs provided by The Moyer Foundation, we believe we can help kids and dads get the tools they need to overcome grief, adversity, and any obstacles that lay before them, while bringing awareness to the communities we serve.

We are currently striving to grow these programs:

Kid Konnect by Kind Hearts

Peer support and activities for kids coping with the loss of a dad.

We want to help kids to continue cherished family traditions and to celebrate and remember their Dads. With financial contributions, we hope to re-create real life activities for kids and loved ones.

Share your special memory with us!!
Kind Hearts is working to help re-create your
special memory. Did you go fishing or bowling? Did you take a trip to the beach or a sporting event?
Share your memory now.

Dadvocates by Kind Hearts

Kind Hearts has earned the Effective Facilitation Certificate from the National Fatherhood Initiative  and now offers resources and programs for dads!

If you know of a dad who is disconnected from his child/children, tell them about us!

Or, feel free to contact Kind Hearts with any questions about our Dadvocate program

Dadvocates Job Shop

Employers, if you're looking for reliable, hard workers, please check out profiles of our dads who are looking for work, or contact Kind Hearts to work with us on a continual basis.


To help comfort children in severe distress who have been affected by loss and family addiction

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